May 29, 2020

Episode 163: What Gets In The Way Of Losing Weight

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Rule 1 of No BS Weightloss: Eat when you are hungry and stop when you’ve had enough.

There’s only 4 basics that I teach and this one is the FIRST. It’s not complicated and it works.


It exposes all the crap that gets in the way your weightloss.

Guess what? If you don’t find the shit that’s broke YOU AREN’T FINDING what you need to work on to lose weight.

Overeating doesn’t make you a failure. Girl! It shows you the very thing to overcome for weightloss.

Conquer the reasons you eat when you aren’t hungry and BOOM. You lose weight.

I teach…

– Why you are eating at 8pm even when you aren’t hungry and what to do about it.

– Why you celebrate a 2lbs loss with a 2lbs margarita and nachos and to celebrate with MORE weightloss.

– Why you can stick to a diet until the first wiff of pizza hits you in the face and how to eat what you planned anyway.

Other diets are bullshit.

They give a plan and NEVER talk about what to do with what all of us who struggle with weight deal with.

That shit stops now. Listen to today’s podcast. We will break down the 4 basics and what to do as you are dialing them in.

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Show Notes:

Podcast 163. What Gets In The Way Of Weightloss

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None of the people in your life are getting in the way of your weightloss. It is not external things stopping you.The thoughts that those things are a problem are what is keeping you from losing weight.

Just because your kids are in a ton of sports, going to get fast food afterwards is not required for them to do the sport. You can always order a salad or prep food ahead of time.

The first thing getting in the way of you losing your weight is you blaming your life. Nothing makes you eat. There are things happening in the world. Some people eat their way through it and some people don’t.

Let’s go over the basics again. Make a plan. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied. Drink water. Prioritize your sleep.

If you can’t sleep at night, don’t get online. This is the perfect time to practice being bored and managing your mind.

One of things that gets in the way of weightloss is not prioritizing sleep and not allowing the brain to get bored.

Stop eating like an asshole and stop thinking like an asshole.

The answer to weightloss is not calories or macros or cutting out a food group. The answer is following the four basics.

What gets in the way of weightloss:

1. Blame – Don’t blame other people for your food choices. You are responsible for what goes in your mouth.

2. Balls out self-sabotage – You don’t make a food plan when you know that you always make bad choices without a plan. Quit thinking you’re going to make good choices if you’re not going to the grocery store and buying food.

3. Not asking for help – Sometimes we need help. It’s okay to ask for help or to join a program like Corinne’s for help. It’s also okay to get input from your family on a dinner plan for the week.

4. You’re not leveling up – A lot of Corinne’s members make good changes in the beginning and lose quite a bit of weight and then the weight levels out. You have to constantly evaluate what you’re doing and see if there’s a better choice you can be making.

5. Not setting a goal – Just set a goal for the next week. It doesn’t have to be tied to a number. Make it an actionable goal. Could you not drink soda three days a week? Four times a week could you be in bed by 9pm?

6. Not taking responsibility for yourself – You’re not tracking. You’re not planning. You’re not looking at data. You’re not being honest with yourself.

7. Allowing doubt and excuses – If you’re having doubts, it means you’re trying to do something you’ve never done before, which is exactly what you’re doing…something you’ve never done before. You have to keep going. It’s better to be scared and doubtful and to keep going, then to be someone comfortably sitting on the sidelines and not making any progress.

8. Feeling entitled to lose weight every day or every week – No one loses weight every day. Most people don’t lose weight every week. You will still have days/weeks where the scale doesn’t move or goes up. Most people lose about a pound a week.

9. Being mad at healthy and thin people – Quit looking around at everyone else and comparing their weight or their eating habits to your own. Eyes on your own plate. Thinking it’s easier for someone else makes you feel terrible. When you’re depressed by someone else’s success story, you’re probably still wishing it was easier. Stop yourself when you catch yourself doing that because it will slow you down.

10. Surrounding yourself with people that bitch about weightloss – If a diet requires bitching, then you’re doing it wrong. Surround yourself with people and messages that lift you up and elevate you.


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