Ep. 113 – The Four Basics of Weightloss

Well, it dawned on me I talk a lot about the Four Basics of Weightloss but have never officially taught them on the podcast.

That shit changes today.

In today's podcast you will learn what the four basics are and why you MUST use them.

They are EVERYTHING I believe in because it’s how I lost 100lbs. And, it’s how my clients lose weight like freaking boss ladies.

They tell me that life changed for them when they ditched stupid, old, crazy complicated diets.

The Four Basics make weightloss so simple because they are reasonable and doable.

If you are like me and had a weight problem most of your life, the LAST thing you need is bullshit that is hard and needs a slide rule to figure out.

This podcast is the deep dive you’ve been waiting for so listen up to Episode 113: The Four Basics of Weightloss.

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  1. TAMMY MACIAS on June 26, 2019 at 4:55 PM

    I listened to this podcast last night. I really didn’t believe what you said about water curbing cravings or hunger. It was filed under “too good to be true” in my brain. Still, I hadn’t actually tried it, so I couldn’t shake my head until I knew for sure it wouldn’t work. Today, I sat a sports bottle filled with water on my desk. I was determined to drink until my urine was the proper pale yellow (which I did). I usually eat lunch at around 12, but today decided to listen to my body for actual hunger cues. Before I knew it, I had drank 48 oz of water and didn’t get the least bit hungry until 3:00!!!!! Three O’damn clock! And when I did eat lunch, I got satisfied with less food! Ok, you’ve got me. I’m a believer. Who knew after all of the starvation diets I’ve tried, all I needed to do was drink freaking water! Next thing I’m tackling is bedtime. I’m putting myself first for once and getting to bed early! I can’t thank you enough!


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