Will you do what it takes?

Do you know what it takes to lose weight?


I teach my girls they must believe they can lose weight to do it.

For example, they start with practicing “I'm open to believing I can lose my weight.”

This gets them out of thinking they can't lose weight.

They think they ultimately want to believe “I'm going to lose my weight,”

There's a funny thought I catch my clients using that can use a little tweak.

It sounds good but it lacks some KAPOW.

“I'm going to lose my weight.”

The better thought to work to is…

“I will do what it take to lose every pound.”

Notice how different that feels?

I'm going to lose weight has no action oriented OOMPH behind it.

I will do what it takes to lose every pound feels stronger. It implies you are ready to work and you are ready for the parts that feel like ass!

When you think about doing what it takes you will also give yourself the gifts of clarity, empowerment, and strength. The path to weightloss is easier when you feel like a badass about it.

Now go. Be a badass who does what it takes to lose her weight.



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