December 18, 2019

Why You Have to Quit Giving a Shit about What Other People Think of Your Diet [VIDEO]

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Does it seem like everyone has an opinion about what you are eating?

If so watch today’s video for how to deal [insert the link to the blog].

I swear, the second you start doing the things I teach you in the free course and experiencing a little momentum SOME ASSHAT will say…

“You should do Keto. It works soooo much better.”

“Are you supposed to be eating that? I don’t see how you can lose weight just eating when you get hungry.”

It’s frustrating because we think we’re doing great.

But, someone says something different and we immediately go to the shitter.

We get pissed they don’t support us.

We start worrying we’re doing wrong.

We think of all the ways we’ve never lost weight and feel scared because this might be another failed attempt.

Look, as my Paw Paw always said, “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.”

You gotta quit automatically thinking when someone isn’t falling in line with what you think and do that things are going wrong. Them agreeing with you won’t make saying no to cookies easier. And them not agreeing with you doesn’t make it harder either.

Sorry. The problem is you. Not them.

You need to see that you are deciding to make THEIR OPINION the valuable one.

Who cares! Let them be wrong about you and the basics I teach you.

Can’t you eat on plan even when someone else doubts you?

I only care about what YOU think. Stop putting so much energy into their thinking and START believing harder in yourself.

Watch the video for more of this straight talk.


December 18th Facebook Live: How to deal with other people’s opinions

Go to to sign up for Corinne’s free weightloss course.

Corinne hosts a “Don’t Stop Believing” race each year for her tribe members. She stays at the finish line until the last person crosses the finish line.

You need to work on your own thoughts and opinions about yourself and stop basing your opinion on what other people think about you. YOU CAN’T CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS!

When losing weight, you have to learn to start thinking about yourself in a different way in order to complete the journey.

When you think about other people’s opinions, who is it around you that you really value their opinion? Is it your spouse? A close friend? Are there people whose opinions aren’t that amazing?

Some of us have people that love us and know how to love us. Then there are people who have a shitty skill set when it comes to loving us. When you do not have an amazing relationship with yourself, the people who love you in a good way, you don’t believe them. The people who don’t love us well, for some reason we believe them instead. Whatever you are hearing and believing will be a mirror to what you think about yourself.

You need to stop trying to figure out how to get people to love you and work on loving yourself instead.

You need to work on how you feel on a day-to-day basis about you. Everything that you think is NOT true. You need to work on the thoughts you want to think about yourself.

The tribe has a self-love course that they can take. For those not in the tribe, you need to make a list of all the things you think about yourself. Take a look at that list and give yourself a score of 1 to 10 (1 is in the toilet and 10 is super-confident). If you’re a 7 or less, you have work to do.

Corinne is an 8 ½. Each day she thinks good things about herself on purpose. She spends a lot of time working on her thoughts around motherhood. She spent a year thinking “I’m a good mother because I get to be a good mother.” She gave herself homework to tell herself “this is mothering” any time she was doing something with her son.

When you have overeats, you can remind yourself “this is weightloss.” The real work of weightloss is about how you treat yourself when weightloss isn’t fun.

If anybody’s opinion causes you to want to eat, that’s an opinion that needs to be ignored.

The relationship you have with yourself will carry you through weightloss.

You can’t eat when you’re angry anymore. You can’t eat when you’re hurt over something someone else said to you. You can’t eat to prove to someone that you love them (because they made you a cake).

If you don’t have a good opinion about yourself and you’re listening to other people’s opinions about you, there is no diet out there that will make you feel better. You have to deal with the mental stuff first.

There are two types of opinions: substantiated (you heard what someone said) and hearsay (opinions that you decided that someone thinks about you). Most opinions are opinions that we think someone thinks about us (even though they didn’t say anything). An example of hearsay is that you have a new dress on and your husband didn’t say anything about it and you think “he hates it, he thinks I look fat” when he probably just didn’t notice that it was a new dress.

When you hear yourself thinking bullshit thoughts, remind yourself that it’s hearsay and that you’re just making stuff up in your head.

Corinne recommends Rachel Hollis’ book “Girl, Wash Your Face.”

Corinne challenges everyone in their accountability to groups (or with a girlfriend) to say something amazing about themselves each time they post in their Marco Polo groups for the next week. It is important to say how great you are in your mind and with your mouth.

Women need to get comfortable with stepping into their greatness. It’s not gloating, you’re just stating the facts.

Rachel Hollis has a flow chart that you can use when you hear an opinion. Google “Rachel Hollis Other People’s Opinion Flow Chart.”

Is this an opinion from someone I care about and appreciate and is it worth it and could it be true?

Notice when you’re expecting the world to behave in a way that a 3 year old would be like “man, this is the best thing that ever happened!”

Corinne’s free training starts Sunday, December 22nd. If you’ve taken her free course at, you’ll have access to the free training. There will be three training videos. You have to be on the email list in order to get the free training. There will also be live trainings available.

For members, the © No B.S. Weightloss Course will cover everything in the free training, plus SO MUCH MORE! The tribe will also be doing a 2020 get your shit together course together. Corinne will be posting a short training video each day for the first 60 days of the year for all of the members.

The tribe will be opening on December 29th.

Questions & Answers

Q. How do you talk to yourself when your brain is afraid to do something?

A. Don’t talk back, but instead say “of course, I’m afraid, it’s something I’ve never done before. It’s normal to be afraid. It doesn’t mean that I stop trying.” Corinne’s son was talking about his goals and was talking about being excited about the process of becoming that person. Allow yourself to get upset or frustrated or afraid, but keep trying. She talks to him about thought work, but not a lot. He’s learned from watching her admit when she’s been human and work through it. What is the worst that’s going to happen if you keep working on it? If nothing else, you’ve learned to work through fear.

Q. How do I present the free course to my mom if she seems interested?

A. Send her to and see what she thinks.

Q. I get compliments about my weightloss, but feel uncomfortable and awkward.

A. Ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable. If they notice your weightloss, stop and ask yourself what you think about your weightloss that is making you feel awkward. Uncover that thought and decide if that’s something you want to believe.

Q. How do I help my accountability partners when they think they aren’t losing weight fast enough?

A. There are coaching calls saved in the tribe about “I’m not losing weight fast enough.” Have them listen to those and then have everyone talk about what they learned from the videos. They may have to get honest about why their weightloss is at the rate it is at. There’s no upside to thinking “it’s not happening fast enough.” If it’s not happening fast enough, where can I take 100% responsibility for the pace? Are they tracking?



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