Why Plans Matter

A plan feels good.


Because humans crave certainty.

When things don't go like we think they “should” we lose our certainty.

One thing we do know for sure though is overeating feels good in the moment.

Now you know why you overeat.

The certainty that a doughnut will feel good temporarily.

Problem is we get upset afterward. It wasn't part of the bigger plan to lose weight.

This is why having your meals planned ahead of time is so important.

That meal plan is there when the other plans in life are kicked in the ass by bosses, kids, traffic, flat tires, and last minute parties.

A doable and realistic plan will teach you how to find certainty. It allows you to see doughnuts will certainly make you feel like shit later.

The food you planned may not be sexy but it has a promise of accomplishment if you choose it.

Your plans are to help you be on a course towards your goals. You are given the gift of practice all along the way.

Nothing is ever supposed to go perfect. Life unfolds before you. Your plans give you the upper hand to adjust and still come out on top.

Be on the lookout for when you are looking for temporary hits of certainty. Remind yourself how important it is to practice staying on the course.

You'll probably wonder “will this work?'

When you made the plan you thought it would. Trust in the heat of the crazy moments your plan is still certain to work.


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