Why is listening to your thoughts important?

Why is listening to your thoughts important?

You must start getting out of your own way to lose weight.

Think about what you tell yourself all day about…

Your body.

Your ability to eat healthy.

Your likelihood of keeping your weight off.

Your mothering skills.

Your schedule.

Make a list. Take a few days if need be. Just start a list and add to it anything, good or bad, you think about yourself.

Don’t judge any of it. No thinking you are broken or being sad about it. It’s just things you think and it’s important to know this.

Next, read it out loud and decide if what you say to yourself internally is what you want others to say TO you.

Would you feel motivated if your husband, best friend, or kids said those things to you?

If the answer is no, it's time to start changing your conversation. Next, to each thought you don’t want anymore, write the one you do want.

Now, you have a list of what you will choose to think when the old thoughts pop up.

The old won’t stop overnight. But, they will lose their importance the more you insert things you decide to think on purpose.

What you say internally is the most important conversation you have on a daily basis. Make sure it's a good one.


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