Why am I overeating? I answer it!

People ask me all the time…

“Why do I overeat when I so desperately want to lose weight?”

It’s pretty simple.

You wanted to eat in that moment.

You decided yes to the food and no to your dreams.

The only thing that causes you to overeat is an urge, hankering, craving or old school want. What comes before an urge? A thought. Thoughts like…

“I want it.”

“It looks so good.”

“I don’t want to miss out.”

So many of my clients spin out looking for some horrible past event driving an overeat. We eat because today we want to eat.

Our overeats are SIMPLE. And that’s why they are so frustrating LOL.

If they are complicated, then we have an excuse as to why we can’t quit doing them.

If they are simple, then we are stuck with wanting to eat and not eating. Whomp whomp…until you lose F-ING 100LBS and are so stupid happy you decided to feel like ass sometimes.

Just saying. I had to feel like ass when I wanted to eat doughnuts and had oatmeal, fruit and bacon planned.

Losing weight didn’t mean being miserable, hungry, and denied all the good stuff.

It meant planning the good stuff and saying no when I was acting like an entitled asshole who deserves to eat what she wants when she wants it.

I finally realized what I deserved was to quit suffering with my weight and body image every damn day.

When I thought more about what I wanted out of life, I also made peace with sometimes I was just going to want to overeat and didn’t get to.

It wasn’t tons of fun but I allowed myself to start finding fun in new ways.

Without all the overeating, I found I had time to figure out what I wanted to do in this life. And I started doing it.

That’s what I want for you too. So just for today, I want you to choose your dreams over wanting something to eat in the moment.

Try it. It feels so good to have your own back.


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