What to do if you want to lose weight now.

You don’t need to read up on more diets.

You don’t need more pinned recipes on your Pinterest board.

You don’t need another opinion on if now is the time to lose weight.

You don’t need to find one more person to quiz what worked for them.

You don’t need to post on Facebook, “Hey, can you tell me what to eat because I can’t figure it out.”

Why don’t you need to do any of this?

Because it doesn’t require you to DO something.

You need to start eating better and see if it works.

You need to cook the recipes you’ve pinned and decide if you like them.

You need to form your own opinion about your weekly weigh-in to see if what you did or didn’t do this week is working.

You need to tell people what you are doing to lose weight so they can help you be accountable.

You need to get off Facebook and answer your own questions in a journal to see what your opinion is.

I teach my clients very little HOW to do things.

I teach them how to DO things.

Doing is where weight loss happens. Not in the how’ing.


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