What if I gain weight?

So many people base decisions on the WORST that can happen.

And the worst that can happen is usually WRONG.

I have my Tribe members plan their food one day at a time. It’s a technique that works.

Many of my followers on the podcast, though, don't want to do it.

What's the worst that can happen if you plan food for tomorrow?

Maybe you won’t like what you plan, you gain weight anyway, what you plan won't be good enough to lose, and more.

That's not the WORST thing that can happen if you decide to not try.

The worst thing that can happen is you don’t plan and you keep eating the way you do now FROM FEAR. You keep living the life you don’t want for fear something won’t work. 

You never try planning and learn how to eat today because of who you want to be in the future.

You just keep eating the way you know doesn’t work for fear something else won’t work.

You gain weight while waiting for certainty to strike rather than doing new things while full of doubt.

The worst thing that happens is you keep practicing fear-based thinking.

Here’s the beauty of planning when you are full of doubt and insecurity.

If you don't like what you plan you know what not to plan next week. You can practice not needing an orgasm with every meal.

If you gain weight you know those foods didn't work.

You might learn how to practice tweaking plans, showing up when you don't want to, and more.

I teach women how to do things when they don’t want to. That’s the magic of weight loss. The faster you learn that skill, the faster you lose weight.


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