[Weekend Wisdom] Our Race Recap

When I was losing my 100lbs. I fell in love with running. I remember race after race coming in dead-last place.

Y'all, I'm talking they took down the finish lines and the only person left standing was my dear friend Laurie. She would finish a good hour or two ahead of me but NEVER left me.

It meant and still means the world to me that someone cared I finished!

After losing my weight and now helping women of all sizes learn to exercise, I had a burning desire to host my own PNPTribe race.

For years in PNP we've gone to races. I've been the person who made sure 100's of women got to do experience medals.

But you know what? We often had to start an hour before everyone else.

We missed the National Anthem, missed the gun, and missed the cheers of 1000's of people taking off!

We had to move to the side walks when the “real runners” came through.

And, we panicked before and during the race they would sweep us up and not let us finish.

For years I wanted to give women the race experience they deserved.

I knew in my heart I could do my own race. And that dream came true. 70+ women came to Nashville for our first ever Don't Stop Believing 5/10K and Half Marathon.

They got to start together. They were cheered by husbands and by each other. Nobody was going to be swept. It's against my races rules. 😉

And, I hugged every neck that crossed the finish line. I proudly wore a lot of sweat and tears that day. No way in hell was I leaving until I got to be the “Laurie” for each and every woman.

The day was beyond inspirational. It was so moving we had to do a podcast on it. We both cried, told stories of what we heard and saw, and talk about how ANY OF YOU can do the same.

Enjoy and never stop believing in YOU.


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