Small Habits Are Where Weightloss Happens

What is the hardest part of losing weight?

For me while I was losing 100lbs it was the daily habits. Not the actual habits but the idea that they were ENOUGH to lose weight.

Boy did I prove myself wrong. LOL. All those years of crazy diet schemes full of pills, drinks and radical changes didn't do jack shit for me.

The 18 months it took me to lose weight was full of drinking water, adding more healthy foods and reducing the unhealthy ones, walking, and not stuffing myself at meals.

Who knew!? Weightloss was about the small changes I was willing to make each day.

The steady, day to day, basic habits are the real work.

It honestly takes guts and courage to commit to a little daily healthy choice until you lose all of your weight. It has the promise of weightloss and the grind of slow change.

Come up with the small things you CAN do each day to lose weight.

Can you drink water when you wake up?

Can you add a fruit today?

Can you leave 2-3 bites food behind at each meal?

Focus on being steady. Find the steady things you can commit to and the weight will come off…for good.

As a bonus…here's a video where I talk more about this. Enjoy!


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