September 14, 2018

Waiting For Your Weightloss Efforts To Click

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When Will Weightloss Click For Me?

Someone asked me recently “How long does it take for things to click?”

Why do you care? Seriously. I want you to think about this. 

Does it matter how long it takes for eating healthy and losing weight to CLICK?

We get so worked up wanting things to be easy…to be clicking.

We read the books, listen to podcasts, and ask questions on the lives.

But what’s missing is the work.

In order for things to click you have to go through the stages of where it isn’t clicking at all.

You have to start and keep doing things even when you want it to be easy.

The way it worked for me is this…

For years my NEW way of being, felt new. I had to think before I ate. I had to make myself workout because even if I enjoyed it there was still the lull of my bed.

I’m going to tell you…if keeping my weight off always feels deliberate and conscious, it’s worth it!

Now, things do click for me MOST of the time.

Eating healthy seems better than eating fast-food. I look for the better choice FIRST when I go out to eat, rather than scanning for the “goodies.”

That’s what we all want. But that is earned by doing it when it isn’t second nature.

There are days I’m not doing it “right” and NOTHING is easy or “clicking.” I want a life where doing the “old stuff” stands out like a sore thumb.

And, I promise you this, if being healthy and at my goal weight means I still plan, get tempted, make mistakes, and all that jazz, I’ll do it until the day I die. 

In today’s podcast, we kick off a three part series on “Finding Your Weightloss Groove.” I talk about what happens, or doesn’t happen, when you sit around waiting for your weight loss to start clicking.

Go to to listen to this week’s episode. Android users use Castbox to listen.

Ready to lose weight for the last damn time?

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