This is personal…like REALLY personal

Ok. You’ve heard on the podcast I schedule boom-boom.

And yes we call it boom-boom.

Y’all know I love my King (a.k.a. Spooney, Chris, or Big Poppa).

It’s why I try to make sure we get this done.

But, what makes our marriage solid is we work at it.

I’m often asked how we “have it so good.”

Let me tell you.

I’m a bitch to live with. I’m bossy and once I go upstairs at night somebody better be the runner. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to bed without forgetting my phone or water.

Chris is Mr. Oblivious. He does his own thing, forgets to say goodbye most days, and takes longer than me to get ready.

We are a normal couple in that we are odd as F about stuff. We have our quirks that annoy each other but they can’t stand up to being focused on a good marriage.

We agreed a long time ago divorce was never happening here. We went all in on us.

I can’t speak for Chris’ side of our relationship, but I can for mine.

I on purpose think nice things about him often through the day without him doing a damn thing.

I on purpose give him space because I know he likes time alone. I refuse to think he doesn’t make time for me.

I don’t like hugs at all but I give him quick ones when we pass through the house because he loves to be touched.

I put sex on the calendar. I don’t just say, “We have sex planned.” I send nice texts, play music that makes me happy all day, and remember that this is important to him.

I don’t do these things expecting him to be anything other than him.

I fell in love with him and stay in love with him on purpose. I actively think lovingly about him.

And on the days I am mad, pissed, or whatever, I remember it’s just how I am thinking. That’s not who he is.

In all honesty, this is also how I lost weight and keep it off.

My goal in life is to think more than I react. It has helped me have an amazing marriage and keep off 100lbs. Try it.


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