I Think My Legs Look Like Crap…And Other Musings

I've been reflecting a lot lately.

My clients often think I must have my shit together 24/7. I don't.

Just like most people fear creeps into my brain easily.

“You'll gain the weight back because you are traveling so much.”

“You are not cut out to run a business.”

“You jacked your thighs carrying around 100lbs all those years. They are gross.”

I used to get mad at myself for thinking stuff like this.

Not anymore. Those thoughts might stop flying in tomorrow or when I'm 85. Who knows and who cares?

What I have learned is that thoughts cannot hurt you until you DECIDE to believe them. When you think crap just call it crap. Moving on.

I remember for years spinning out believing the things I thought. Then I had my years of being frustrated I couldn't just quit thinking shitty things.

Now I allow for all the shade my brain wants to throw at me. Go ahead. There's room for you and the thoughts I choose to believe about me.

“You are a weightloss success. Who better than you to make healthy choices when others panic?”

“You are as capable and powerful as you choose to be.”

“You got legs. And great boobs. Strut.”

I get to choose what I eat, what I believe, what I do in this life, and who I want to be.

When I stop and think about it…life is just a series of small choices. Every bite, thought, and feeling is just choice. Kind of takes the pressure off, right?


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