There are no problems.

There are no problems.

You might argue with me on this but you are arguing for your own struggle.

Problems are just things that you have a perspective about.

What if you thought “I have decisions to make.”

Problems often allow you to sit and anguish with a decision that needs to be made. Often we sit a lot longer than needed.

When you spend time thinking you have a problem, ask yourself…

“What decision am I willing to make right now?”

“What decision am I avoiding right now to call this a problem?”

These two questions can help you gain clarity quick. If nothing else, you might just shit or get off the pot.

Often we spin out in overwhelm thinking we have problems when we just need to make a decision.

Am I eating off plan on vacation or not?

Do I have time to go the gym or not?

Am I going to stay mad or forgive?

Am I going to decide now or quit worrying until I’m ready to make a decision?

Trust me. I can list all of my problems. I often do when I’m feeling like a victim.

I usually find a long list of decisions to make and a lot of things I am just afraid to commit to.

I don’t have problems.

I have decisions to make.

I bet you do, too.


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