The Losing 100 lbs Podcast Top 3: For Night Time Eating

FB Live: Three Reasons You Overeat at Night (6/8/19)

This podcast breaks down the three big reasons that you eating at night. Corinne explains how your brain is lit up every day and when it's time to decompress your brain starts saying things like “I deserve it” or “it's time to decompress” or “we've had a long day.” If you're the kind of person eating when it's time to decompress, this episode is for you.

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Episode #131 – Conquering Urges

What do I do when I want to eat vs. when I need to eat? This podcast breaks it down into three simple steps and teaches you how to think about urges as normal.

Watch this episode, apply the three steps, and conquer those night time urges.

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FB Live: How To Quit Overeating at 8pm (3/31/19)

Is your brain quiet all day and LOUD after 8PM? This podcast explains why you can say no to urges all day long with will power or being distracted with work and why 8PM comes and how then the wind down happens and all the thoughts from the day come to the surface.

This cycle is important to understand – you're not solving things during the day, you're just not thinking about them. Then Boom. They come up when your brain quiets down and you eat. This episode will help clear up night time urges for good.

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