Skip the bun and have the fries…

At 250lbs., and a size 22/24 I was scared to death I would never lose weight.

Now I’m a damn podcaster and “online weightloss guru” for women who are ready to lose weight for good.

What the hell?

I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t believe in myself.

I’d spent years, truth be told my whole life, worrying I couldn’t lose weight.

The day I decided to start slow and do something instead of worrying I couldn’t lose weight changed everything.

I got my mind focused on trying things.

And I mean the LITTLEST of things.

I walked for 15 minutes.

I tried to eat fruit instead of ice cream every night.

I skipped the bun on my burger so I could have fries.

I kept collecting the little changes and focusing on each day.

Making small shifts in how I showed up each day didn’t feel overwhelming. It felt doable and eventually empowering.

I knew me enough to know that if I went balls out I would blow out like the other 47 diets I had been on.

It took me 18 months to lose 100lbs. Keeping my mind focused each day on what small things I can do to keep my weight off has allowed me to be here 14 years later writing to you.

I want you to know this.

It doesn’t matter how many times you HAVEN’T lost weight.

What matters is what you are willing to do right now. The past doesn’t get a say in this until you dwell on it.

Like I teach you in the podcast, DECIDE what you are willing to do today and write that shit down.

I mean it. If you haven’t made a 24 hour plan then get out some paper and do it right now. The day isn’t over.

I want you to stop thinking about all the bullshit you think you need to do to lose weight and just make some easy, doable decisions for yourself today.

You owe yourself that sense of peace, calm, and ease.

If you don’t know how to plan, just click here and listen to my podcast. In episode 23 I teach you how.

It’s not hard.

If you are tired of not losing weight then you will listen. Set your fear and worry aside and get to it.

I had to set my fears aside, too. I get it.

I can just tell you that it’s worth it. You are worth it.


Hi, I'm Corinne

I lost 100 pounds and get what it is like to be overweight and feel defeated. I did a complete mental and physical transformation and now I teach women how to do the EXACT same thing. You can get started today with the free course.