How to Quit Being Pissed You Want to Overeat

OMG! Do you get all jacked up when you have cravings?

I bet I spend at least one Facebook Live a week with the Tribe members saying, “You are SUPPOSED TO HAVE URGES.” 

For real. Let me know when doughnuts and nachos don't look at least “interesting.” LOL

There's never been a plate of nachos to go by my face, or delightfully described on a menu where I haven't thought, “Man, I'd like a big plate of that.”

In the final part of our three part series on Finding Your Groove in Your Weight Loss, we talk about why you get irritated when you have deliciously tempting thoughts about cakes, ding-dongs, cookies, and fries.

There's nothing wrong with having urges to overeat or eat off plan. If you are feeling urges, you're normal! 

The urges will always be around and they aren't a reason to freak out. The more you freak out the more you argue with them. And that makes them louder and way worse.

Today, we'll go over some common thoughts that we have about urges and what do about them.

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