Quick tip! How to stop overeating

I have a weightloss tip for you today.

Next time you want to eat something you didn’t plan, just set a timer and wait two minutes.

Listen to the shit you are thinking about for the first minute.

The second minute tell yourself, “That’s just the stuff I think when I want to eat.”

Then think about your goals for health and weightloss. Picture them in your mind.

Bonus points if you have a card with your goals written down.

Here’s what you are doing.

Your unconscious brain knows how to be a snake oil salesman. It has a list of thoughts it runs through in about one minute that convinces you to abandon your dreams for a few goldfish, a free doughnut, or a sleeve of Oreos when the kids go to bed.

You just need to hear this shit and let it do its thing.

The second minute is your CONSCIOUS brain. Your dreams and goals LIVE AND BREATHE there. You actually have to TURN ON the conscious brain in order to not overeat.

Most of us just sit around pissed that we don’t think of the dreams first.

That’s just now how it works, so quit fighting the system.

Doing this can put just enough separation from your want to eat and your following through to make a difference.

Try it.


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