Podcast Episode 171: Why This Birthday is Different

I just turned 46.

It made me think about my life for the last 15 years since losing 100lbs.

I've lost my weight for good.

I've built a successful business on my own that changes women's lives every day.

And, I've made it clear to anyone who'll listen that I'm redefining diet culture and the busted, broken shit it shoves down our throats in ads, magazines, and in social.

With all of that I realized at 46 that I've spent 15 years waiting to accomplish things before I allowed myself to feel good about me.

I've spent years earning and seeking my own approval and it's been exhausting.

Do you catch yourself saying you'll be proud, relieved, or confident WHEN you reach a goal?

If so, you have to listen to my birthday podcast.

I'm done with that shit and I talk about how you can start chasing your dreams of weightloss, building a business, or being an amazing mom AND do it while feeling good along the way.

We have to quit putting off enjoying our life until we meet some bullshit standards we set for ourselves.

Listen in and I'd love to know what you think.

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Hi, I'm Corinne

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