December 5, 2018

Is the Peloton Bike Worth It?

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I wanted one for over a year and finally bought one.

I have it two weeks and rode the bike almost DAILY. It’s not only a great workout but it’s FUN.

Here’s a video of what I think “fresh” off a good workout. Below is more information you might need to make your decision.

This is an edited version of my whole Facebook Live on “How to love exercise when you hate it.” You can click here to watch the full video and see all kinds of comments on FREE workout websites my clients like to use at home.

Set Up and Installation

They delivered the bike and had it set up with two days of purchase. I have a Peloton store in Nashville so I imagine that’s why it was fast. It looked simple while they did it so if you don’t buy the set up I don’t think it would be hard to figure out.

You have a video that walks you through how to set up the seat and handle bars so you are comfortable and in good position.

The SEAT! It hasn’t hurt my butt at all so I don’t know what kind of witchery they did. I haven’t done spin classes in years so I expected sore tail bone for days. Hasn’t happened at all.


You can buy bundles that include shoes, some hand held weights and headphones. I have plenty of weights so it was cheaper for me to just buy the shoes and the bike together.

You can also get a mat. I advise you get one if you will be on carpet or “good flooring.” I workout in a garage. That floor can take my sweat and deal with it.

How To Clean

Get some wipes because you’ll NEED IT. I sweat like a ho’ in church so make sure you wipe it down after each use. I have some glass cleaner that is good for computer monitors. It keeps the monitor from getting all gunky from your sweat-fest.

I also recommend getting a few good hand towels. I go through one a day.

Just drape it over the handle bars so you can quickly wipe your face.

Be warned. If you use a “rough” towel you might eat a layer of skin off. I sweat buckets and am constantly wiping myself. My face after a couple of days was irritated because I wasn’t using soft enough face towels.

Subscription and Classes

You will need to buy the On Demand Subscription workouts but they are WORHT IT. You’ll have access to bike workouts, yoga, stretching, strength, core, and more.

Every hour there’s a live class so you can ride with people everywhere. That’s fun to me. I like to “high five” people while I ride. If I’m riding a class that’s older, I can see who is with me in “live time” or race against every rider since the workout was put into the library. So fun!

You can also use the app  in a gym. They have treadmill classes you can use, too, if you like to run.

The classes are amazing. They tell you exactly what to do, give you cues on form, and motivate you. I’m a motivated kind of lady and I get all geeked up when they are talking to us. You really feel like you are in a class. The Hip Hop classes are my favorite.

Overall I give it all the STARS. I honestly only have one drawback and it’s SMALL. The shoes are so hard to unclip. I don’t even unclip them and just leave them in the pedals. Other than that, it’s my favorite piece of equipment.

If You Buy One…

Mention me and you’ll get $100 off your purchase (Corinne Crabtree).

And, follow me in the app: PNPTribe Queen. I haven’t figured out how to see my friends yet to schedule classes together but I bet you can!

Let me know what you think and if you have questions in the comments below.


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