Rock bottom. I don't know if that's what happened the day I decided to lose my weight. What I do know is I had an overwhelming sense that I couldn't keep going the way I was.

I made a simple commitment to myself. You can borrow it.

I would lose weight and not do a damn thing I couldn't do the rest of my life.

No tricks, starving, believing shitty things about myself, and doing daily, punishing workouts. I did all stuff so many times and was onto myself. Those things were my recipe to quit.

I had to figure this out. I had to give up my timelines and stupid ass expectations.

I had to believe in myself when I didn't want to.

That's when the magic happened. I stopped fooling around with unrealistic standards and decided to take losing weight one tiny step at a time.

I was no longer hoping to lose weight. I didn't wish I would get it. I wasn't even committed to a plan.

You know what? I was ALL-IN and OVERCOMMITTED to change. Even if it meant screwing up and begin scared. I was all-in for ALL of the hardships that come along with being someone who loses 100lbs and NEVER GAINS IT BACK.

Overcommitted. Ask yourself each day how can you OVERCOMMIT to YOU.

When you start adopting that mindset you will work for that success…no matter what.


Hi, I'm Corinne

I lost 100 pounds and get what it is like to be overweight and feel defeated. I did a complete mental and physical transformation and now I teach women how to do the EXACT same thing. You can get started today with the free course.