December 12, 2019

Nobody supports my diet…HELP!

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Two Things To Know About Dieting

Dieting can be a lonely journey.

  • Not everyone in our life always gets what it’s like to…
  • Have your favorite foods in the house that you have a hard time saying no to.
  • Cut back on eating when you really love food.
  • Watch other people eat what they want and you just “use control.”

There are two things to know.

1. You can’t wait for others to support you; go out and find people who do.

Community is important. Feeling like you have people who get you makes a huge difference in weight loss.

In the online world, it’s so much easier than it was 14 years ago when I was going alone to lose 100lbs. But even then, I made it my mission to figure out how to find some people I could lean on.

  1. I had to be vulnerable with some of my thin friends and, shockingly, they helped me. No, they didn’t know what it was like to lose 100lbs., but they knew how to listen. I had to give them a chance instead of assuming they didn’t get it.
  2. You can also find online groups if you don’t have people around you. I built my No BS Program so women would have people like them to talk to. You can follow our Program on Instagram and leave comments.

2. Your loved ones aren’t supposed to get it; they aren’t in your head.

That’s the key.

  • When you work on you…YOU get results.
  • When you work on others…you HOPE they change so you can work on you.
  • It’s a lot harder to control other people than it is to control your own mouth.

One thing that helped so many of my clients lose their weight was simple; quit waiting on people who don’t struggle with weight to know what it’s like to be you.

  • Kathy lost 80lbs. Her husband had no desire to give up Taco Bell, beer, and all the foods he loved.
  • If she was going to lose her weight she knew she had to learn how to deal with her food issues instead of focusing on what her husband was or wasn’t eating.
  • We forget that our head is full of chatter about our body and our weight. We hear it all day every day. Our loved ones aren’t as motivated to eat differently because the problem isn’t epic for them like it is for us.
  • Kathy finally decided to quit being frustrated about her husband’s food and got focused on learning how to change her own relationship with food.

Feeling Lonely In Weightloss

When you feel lonely in weightloss is it because…

  • your family isn’t eating the same things?
  • Everyone can eat healthy and be fine except for me?
  • My friends can do it and I can’t?

 Every person is going to have to lose weight and support themselves and stop waiting for the world to be there for them.

  1.  Sometimes people want dessert in front of you. Dead stop, that’s all that’s happening. Don’t go to “I can’t have that, everyone else can have whatever they want.” I can’t have that does not feel good. Don’t go there. It’s not true. You can have it, but you are choosing not to have it.
  •  If your thought develops loneliness and a pity party, you can’t just go up to people and tell them they can’t have dessert or appetizers. You need to take ownership for your thoughts.

2. When you choose not to have something, you get a good weigh-in. You get to feel proud tomorrow. You get to feel like shit right now because it’s tempting, but don’t act like you can’t have it. Dessert does look good and you’re a normal human being because you think dessert looks good. It’s okay to sit in discomfort.

  •  When you don’t create your own pity party, you eat your salad and reinforce that you’re not alone. You’re choosing salad and it’s perfectly normal to be a little antsy because a fried chicken sandwich looks good.


 The “no want tolerance.”

 In the Weightloss Program, the members have a food plan, but it’s not an all veggies and meat plan. You add what you want, not just the “healthy” foods. I have all fruits, all vegetables, and her own special guidelines.

  1.  If the best thing you can think of at a party is the food, why is that? What would your thoughts be about you and the party if all the food was taken away? If the best part of going to dinner with your husband is what you’re going to eat, maybe you need to look at your relationship more and the food less.
  2.  You can go to parties and have fun. You have to separate what you put in your mouth and what makes it fun. If the best that happens is that you can’t eat and it won’t be fun, why are you at the party to begin with? Maybe it’s not a fun party. Maybe you should question what it is about yourself that makes it so un-fun that you have to eat.

 No BS Weightloss members focus less on what other people are eating when they go out to eat and focus more on what they’re eating and how proud they are at how far they’ve come. What other people eat doesn’t matter. It’s about the experience.

  •  When you think “they get to have things I can’t” you need to change the thought to “I choose this, I’m choosing to take care of me now.”
  • It’s your decision to make your choices tolerable.

You have to be able to step over the bar, not pole vault. Prove to yourself that you can do something that you say that you’ll do. Start with small steps.

Figuring It Out.

When I lost weight, I knew I couldn’t get going the way I was going and knew I had to figure it out. I had to do things that I was going to be willing to do and start with small steps.

  1. When you think “I’m not going to have any fun” you need to change the thought to “it will be fun one day, but maybe I need to experience pride more than fun right now.”
  2. Sometimes we think we are having fun by eating the “junk”, but we really want relief from our thinking that we suck or we’re never going to get there.

When you think things that don’t make you feel good, don’t let your voice be the only one in your head. Go to my podcast and listen to my episodes. It’s better than listening to what’s coming up and getting derailed.

When you think “they don’t understand and I’m not supported” you need to change the thought to “it’s just gut check time.”

  • You can support yourself right now.
  • How can you support yourself in that moment without food?
  • It’s okay to ask for support, but don’t expect it.

The new © No BS Weightloss Course will be available to the members in January. There will be updated course information on the PNP planner. Corinne will also have 60 days of videos available to members with tips and training.

  • Corinne will help people figure out what they want from weightloss and the steps they need to take to be successful. She will help you identify what makes you not want to do it and how to get going when things get difficult.

Please sign up for the free course at if you want in on the free training December 22nd. There will also be some special live trainings available as well once the tribe opens on December 29th.




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