My Husband Keeps Junk Food Around and I Can’t Resist!

My husband always buys junk food, even though he knows I hate eating that kind of stuff. But once it's in the house, I can't resist it and do eat it most of the time. How do I fix this? 

I saw this question the other day and thought, well, let's start with being honest with YOURSELF. Don't say you hate eating something. If you hate it you won't eat it. Did you have that problem with liver and raw broccoli or did you resist the temptation????

Before you can fix situations there has to be a level of honesty. How do you convince other people to support you when you aren't sure what kind of support you need and what the kind of support to tell them you want?

Y'all have seen my blogs on the topic in the past. If you DO have control of your environment then don't bring things in you can't control yourself around…drunks don't work in bars and have a fully loaded liquor cabinet. If you DO have the choice then don't keep TRIGGER foods around. Doesn't mean you have said these foods are off limits…just means you have said they are not LIMITLESS. BIG difference ladies.

Next, if you do have family that wants this stuff you have choices.

1) Be honest with them. I have told several of of my private forum members to just be honest with loved ones and surprise-surprise, your loved ones didn't know how it effected you.

2) Educate them on some replacements that are better and less tempting for you. Let's say they love ice cream and you routinely can't keep out of the carton. Find a lower calorie version first. Next, buy some small Ziploc containers and portion out every bit of ice cream while chewing some gum after LUNCH on Sunday. Everyone needs to know what a portion size looks like and at least you will see what you are eating rather than mindlessly eating too much.

3) Keep food out of sight – out of mind. My husband loves nuts and so do I. But, I LOVE nuts. Sure they are healthy but not when you can polish off a can without a blink of an eye! Trust me, a can of nuts feels like a glue bomb in your gut all night long. I've done it many times. If I am too lazy to portion them out then he just keeps the nuts at the office or in his car for snacks.

Just so y'all know, I still have some issues with portions, stopping before full, etc. I think, I KNOW I always will. It's not easy to have a healthy relationship with food when most of your life it was broken in some way. I consider my life full of good compromises but it took a lot of trying methods and failing before I could find what worked for me and those “rules” continue to change as I get stronger.

As for the mental side of this I'm starting a thread in our private forums for all of you to vent and such. You have to be willing to change the situation in a way that works for you. But, honestly, most of your husbands and kids don't have the issues with trigger foods you do. Sure it would be awesome if they all said we will change stuff we like for you! That's not reality. We will talk about that, why it's frustrating, is it OK, and what to say and do about it.

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  1. Teresa on October 17, 2020 at 10:48 AM

    I wish it was that easy. We have a small pantry and there is really no where else he can put his junk food so I just have to suffer. I reached my goal with WW but I’m struggling. We moved from NJ to FL and my willpower is waning.


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