February 12, 2019

I Talk Crap About My Bestie Too Much

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Do you know who loves you most in the world?

It’s not your husband, your partner, or your kids.

..It’s your body.

No matter how you feed her or what you think of her, your body loves you unconditionally. Each day she shows up to be your ride or die throughout life. She’ll be there for you until you take your last breath.

What is your relationship like with her?

It’s such a good question. I bet if you are like me you need to work on it.

After years and years of weighing 200-250lbs., I taught myself some pretty shady shit to think about my bestie.

Even 14 years after losing 100lbs., I still catch myself feeding her when she’s not hungry, depriving her of rest when I know she needs it, and calling her names simply for being in the room.

I deliberately practice liking myself every day. Y’all often ask me what does that look like in your life. I ask myself hard questions just like I do when I coach my private PNPTribe members.

So, here’s what I do.

On a day where I wake up feeling like my body is a loose skin pile of shit, that I will never look good enough, or that my husband will for sure leave me for a better queen…I write.

I write every nasty, judgmental, freaking ridiculous thought I have.

I get it out of my head where it does damage (stress, depression, overwhelming disgust) and put it on paper where I can see it rather than stew in it.

Then I have some distance from my own thoughts. When I write about what I think it lessens the grip the thoughts have on me in the moment.

There’s something about seeing it written down that takes the sting out of it. When I read it I think, “Well, that’s a bunch of crap.” I might not like how I look or feel that day but seeing what I am thinking lets me know the best secret in the world.

It’s just what I AM THINKING. It’s not what’s true about me and that’s where the magic lies.

I then write a few sentences about what is right about me. I go to bat for myself. It is often hard and sometimes feels like I’m making shit up, but hey, everything we think is just a bunch of stuff we’re making up anyway.

That’s the thing. How we talk to our self is just shit we make up.

Time to make up new shit.

Interested in the difference between Self-Assessment and Self-Judgment? How to assess your thoughts and actions with kindness rather than hate or disappointment?

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