Monday Motivation: The Three Secrets to Weightloss

What? There are three secrets to weightloss?


You know weightloss is about four basics I teach you every week on the podcast, my free course, the challenges, and the free week. But, there are three secrets that go along with them.

First, you must change how you THINK.

When I look back at losing all of my weight, I know what the real secret was. I got out of my own way.

I had to stop…

Waiting for a miracle.

I had to start…

Doing the little, daily, mind-numbing, and slow habits that would teach me how to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

The second secret to you losing weight? You need honesty.

There are enough people on the internet selling a life of glamour and perfection. I’m just selling the truth.

Like me or not. You will hear the bold truth on my podcast and on my Facebook Lives.

I tell people what I think, I cuss, and I proudly talk about all the times I don’t have my shit together. I still overeat and over drink but I make damn sure to use those times as lessons about where you are now.

Losing weight is about what you think. I wish it was meal plans because I could write amazing ones. But it’s not. Your meal plan is only as good as your ability to say no to a free doughnut on a bad day.

The final secret? You need people like you.

I have cultivated a Tribe of women who get it. But we don’t sit around in a sharing circle agreeing we all have it tough like other websites. 

We are women who are ready to take the life they have and still lose weight.

To me, a big secret of weightloss is knowing you got people who are going push you out of your bull shit excuses and into doing the things that will help you lose the weight for good.

As you can see, weightloss really doesn’t have secrets. It’s pretty loud and clear what you have to do.

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  1. Pat Kirby on January 28, 2019 at 8:02 AM

    Yep, the ‘sharing circle’ syndrome does more harm than good. Misery loves company – so do procrastination and denial.


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