Monday Motivation: Routines…

One of the best gifts I give myself each day is routine.

I spent YEARS eating my face off because I didn’t have good routines. I had ineffective ones.

I think a lot of us mistakingly think we don’t have routines. We all do. Our brain CRAVES similarity, certainty, and routine. So the mind goes about life figuring out to make everyday “Ground Hog Day.”

My 250lbs. routine was simple and REALLY JACKED UP for someone who wanted to lose weight so bad.

Get up, think some shitty thoughts, go to work, get a gas station cappuccino and tater log for energy, wish I could lose weight, hit fast-food, go home to watch TV, and go to bed thinking I’ll do better tomorrow. That was my routine.


When I lost 100lbs., it required me to develop new routines.

I thought, “what would a healthy person do?” Not someone desperate to lose weight!

What would someone healthy be doing each day and how can I start doing some of that!


Some of my early routines I created were:

I weighed in each week asking myself, “how can I keep going?” Didn’t matter if the scale was up or down. I new I needed a mental routine for weighing in on the scale.

I made an exercise plan. I planned what time I would go walk, which days, and where. Athletes have training schedules and they are fit. My thought was I should make choosing exercise EASY and that meant having a routine.

I started making sure I had healthy food choices. I picked a day of the week I would use as my shopping and prepping. Early preps were simple. Buy frozen dinners, buy cut up fruit, and portion nuts and such.

Look at your life and identify the routines you have now. Do you like them? If not, what small steps can you take to change them?




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