*This* is why I lost 100lbs

There is one piece of weightloss the diet industry DOES NOT teach us.

They don’t teach us how to love the process of losing weight.

That’s what I want to tell you about today.

One of the happiest times of my life was while I was losing weight. Yes, while losing 100lbs. I enjoyed the shit out of my life. That might sound crazy to you because you’ve never started a diet where you felt “happy” and good.

I did.

I started my own damn plan built on one working theory; I was going to lose weight the way I wanted to live my life.

Then I got busy in my brain picturing how I wanted to live my life. I’d spent a lifetime thinking about who I didn’t want to be.

It sounds crazy, but when I lost weight I decided to focus way more on WHO I wanted to be each day rather than the diet plan I would follow.

Know this, it felt hella better on the inside. Picturing who you want to be is more fun than beating yourself up on the daily.

I was sick and tired of being that fat girl who battled her weight all of her life. I was ready to be an athlete, a healthy eater, someone who shopped in the regular clothes stores and a hot babe for my husband.

I want you to know, a key piece of losing weight will be you deciding who you are. If you keep deciding each day you are hopeless or a lost cause you won’t ever become who you want to be deep down inside.

This is the stuff I see my Tribe members struggle with the most and help them through because it is everything. It takes a lot of work to change how you think. But I will tell you…it’s possible.

I am proof.

If I can do it I know you can, too.


Hi, I'm Corinne

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