Monday Motivation: How Bad Do You Want it?

I hear all the time how much people want to lose weight. They want it really bad yet week after week they aren’t losing anything. Or, they lose weight and then re-gain what they lost plus some.

They spend time looking for diet plans on Pinterest, listening to podcasts (including my own LOL), talking to their friends, and repeating daily how they will get serious tomorrow.

All of this feels like they are doing something about their weight.

They wonder why they are so exhausted from trying hard all the time.

The problem is they aren’t doing the most important thing to lose weight.

They aren’t taking action when they don’t want to.

Looking, talking, and listening isn’t doing. It’s consuming.

You have to wake up each day, think today is the day, and then do things that you don’t want to do. Like…

You have to eat when you are hungry; not when you are bored.

You have to say no to a free doughnut when your boss brought them in to celebrate “Friday.”

You must stop eating when “it tastes so good” because you know your body has had enough.

You get right back on plan after you overeat instead of going to Pinterest boards for the latest diet. Pinterest is just a way to drown out the ugly self-judgement and it doesn’t work.

If you aren’t losing weight you aren’t doing the hardest part of weightloss.

You aren’t doing things when you don’t want to. 

You want to lose weight? Learn how to do all the little things you don’t want to do. You have to use your “want” there, too.

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