Monday Motivation: If Only They Would Just Change…

Monday Motivation: If Only They Would Just Change…

Do you have a villain in your life?

A villain is that person you define as your OBSTACLE to getting what you want.

It can be your husband. “If only he wouldn't insist on eating out so much I could lose weight.”

It can be your kids. “If only they didn't have all these activities I could eat healthier.”

Maybe it's your boss, “If only he wasn't such an a-hole I wouldn't need to eat at 2pm every day.”

You have these people in your life you've set up as your villain. And often we WE WANT THEM in our life.

“If they would just act a certain way then I could…”

We want to villainize these people. Without them we would have no excuses to use when we want to eat what we want in the moment.

Having villains has no upside. That story is a lie. Villains don't keep you from putting a vegetable in your mouth instead of candy. They don't make you eat fast-food. Most of the time when we are eating junk they aren't even there!

Why is this important? If someone has to change for you to lose weight then you are hosed. You will spend all of your energy WISHING or TRYING to get them to change when you should be working on YOU.

Take time to find who you think are your villains and question if that's helping you lose weight or not.




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