Losing 100 lbs Podcast Top 3: For Kids


Calling all MOMS! Talking to your kids about food and weight is sometimes confusing. We even feel guilty at times for how we've fed our kids or for the habits we've modeled.

I pulled together my top 3 MOM pods. I hope this helps. It's such a privilege to help women change their family tree, like I changed mine.


Feeling Guilty for Feeding Your Kids Crap (10/20/17)

If you have shitty thoughts about why/what/how you're feeding your kids, this episode is for you.
Guilt is so common with Moms if their kids are overweight. They beat themselves up because they think it's their fault. Kick those thoughts to the curb and stop eating over it. I got you, listen up.

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Things You Can Do When Your Kid Has a Weight Problem (6/2/18)

This live first focuses on looking at your thoughts around your kids, then give some good actions to start with, including modeling getting right back on plan after an overeat. So, if you're looking for a little inspiration and some top tips for SHOWING your kid that you are a badass mama, this is the episode for you.

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What To Tell Your Kids About Weightloss (1/10/20)

If you've ever wondered how to talk to your kids about weightloss this episode focuses on what to tell them, but also how important it is for you to model behavior for them. Kathy and I share some of our favorite actions you can take, that are so easy to implement, you'll want to thank us later.

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