Keep Start Stop: My Monthly Diet Review

Do you START OVER or START A NEW DIET each month? Here we are at the first of the month and many of us got serious again. I get it! I lost 100 pounds.

Girl, I had 1,000 Mondays or first of the month diets. Lately, I have been working off the holiday pounds that crept on. Between spending our fall adjusting to a new school, new commute, finding a house, moving, and then rolling right into the holidays I packed on a little bonus weight.

The hubs and I decided we were ready to settle down, take out some of the unhealthy habits that snuck in, and work on our summer body. I mean spring is right around the corner. THANK GOD FOR THAT! (I hate winter.)

I'm so proud of myself because with a few tweaks in January I lost an OFFICIAL total of 5.2 lbs. Woot woot! Chris lost 12 lbs. Funny, I'm not upset that he drops weight fast. Boy I used to be, though!

Mainly, his diet is NOT anything I want to be doing. He's on a low carb thing called Carb Nite. He likes research and easy. Carb Nite is both. The food he eats is OMG a snooze-fest. I kid him that his dinner usually looks like turds.

This is his food prep Sunday. He eats canadian bacon, hard boiled eggs, cheese, sausages, celery and almonds. That's about it outside of coffee loaded with butter and MCT oil. Oh, let's not forget the Jello. Lots of jello. And there you have the food he ate all of January. Simple. Cheap. BORING. chris You just got to let men do their thing. He's hilarious because eating low carb and monotonous is easy for him. No drama, no deprivation, no feeling cheated when I'm scarfing down my delicious eats, or feeling pressured when people at work are eating things he is not.

I am very proud of him because when he makes his mind up about doing things he just goes. He doesn't look to food to do anything for him but be a meal. The rest of his life is about life. Even when we eat out he gets a chicken caesar salad with no croutons. Done. COME ON!

It's so interesting (and a little infuriating) to me because I work through my “shit” to make my small tweaks. What I've learned watching Chris is that he doesn't beat himself up for anything. He makes mistakes and he figures out how to improve based on it. Even with  30 pounds to lose he hasn't “shamed” himself once for it. He is like, “I chose to eat and drink and it was filled with great memories of us. I can choose to do something about it, too, and have great memories with you.”

It's pretty great thought work on his part. He's practiced how to think in ways that lead to success. He's taught me how to do the same. I do a process each month where I look at my previous month and figure out how to improve. I do it in business, weight loss, running, you name it. I learned it during my yoga teacher program and created a worksheet for you.

Chris has just always “thought” this way but, dang it, I need a worksheet to get through my crap. The worksheet uses the Keep Start Stop Method, asks you some questions, has a place for your weigh in and measurements, etc.

This month I learned I need to keep journaling my food – every.single.bite.

I need to start having my Natural Calm magnesium supplement at 8pm to get my body ready for sleep by 9:30.

And, I need to stop having Fiber One. Let's just say I was playing the trumpet every night! I'll be trying a different cereal next month. I don't think Chris found my butt's love serenade every night so romantic…or funny like I did.


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