I was recently coaching a Tribe member who was so frustrated with gaining 1lb.

Do you feel her pain?

She told me, “I’ve been working so hard! For weeks the scale was going down. A pound here, half a pound there, and then suddenly this week for no reason it goes up a pound. WTF?”

She went on to say things like…

“I knew I couldn’t lose weight.’

“This always happens. When I’m doing good something goes wrong and screws it all up.”

“It makes no sense.”

I know what she means.

I often have times in life where things are going great, rolling right along, and then suddenly something just doesn’t “work.”

Immediately I go to how ALL OF IT is going wrong.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

It’s easy. We’re afraid.

That’s all.

One pound, one weigh-in, one snarky comment, or one side-ways look has our deepest fears stirred.

“I can’t lose weight.”

“They don’t like me.”

“I am not good enough.”

I want to give you the same advice I gave her.

It’s OK to be frustrated and a little scared at times…YOU ARE HUMAN after all.

But it’s also OK to remind yourself to look for another explanation.

One gained pound, one week…

Does it really mean you are never going to lose weight? Or, does it mean this week you’ll keep doing what you believe works?

Does it really mean there’s no rhyme or reason? Or, does it mean sometimes the body is setting us up for a big ole loss if we just keep going an extra day or two?

You see, you get to believe anything you want. You get to have a frustrating moment for sure. But you also get to tell yourself, “It’s all going to be OK. You ARE figuring this out.”


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