I can’t believe what Logan said

Some of the smartest words I ever hear come from my Logan.

Y’all, he’s truly the best human.

Chris and I often joke, “How the hell did we produce such a kind, easygoing, joyful kid?”

I look at him and think he got the best of us.

He has my sense of seeing the best in people.

We were riding in the car and he told me he was lucky he had my “girls” as his friends.

You see, he always comes to camp and he WORKS the room. While I’m taking pictures and being the hostess to 150 women, he’s shaking hands and talking up a storm.

We kept talking and he said, “I don’t know why they don’t feel healthy, Momma. They all look great to me.”

I was curious and asked him what do you see? I wanted to know because his perspective is sometimes breathtaking.

He said, “They are smiling, dancing, laughing, and with friends. That’s pretty healthy don’t you think?”

I said yes it is.

Sometimes we get so down on ourselves about our weight like it’s EVERYTHING.

We forget that our life can be defined any way we want.

To a 16 year old boy, with an amazing heart, you PNPTribe ladies are healthy and special. Please don’t forget it.


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