I ain’t Oprah but we have something in common

Y’all always want to know my favorite things. So today I’m giving you the gift of the tried and true things I recommend.

BOOK: The Rules of Normal Eating

I read this book while researching the bonus course for my Tribe members. It was really good and gives a lot of insightful questions for uncovering why you overeat.

PLANNER: The High Performance Planner

I recently attended this training by Brendon Burchard and have been using his planner for my “life” for a few months. I love that it has a morning and evening reflection.

You know I love to journal and this has helped me focus on more than just a list of projects and things to get done.


This is the blanket of blankets! It helps me sleep like a baby. Chris and Logan both have one, too. I recommend this one because the owner is a grandmother who designed it for her grandson on the spectrum.

I have a medium 14lbs. version.

RUNNING: All the things you need to run your first 5/10K or Half Marathon

My friend and fellow podcaster, Jill Angie, designed this just for us. These are the things women of ALL SIZES who want to run can use.

Since spring is here I know many of you are thinking about learning to run or even walk your first race.

Make sure you look Jill up, too. She has a great podcast, “Not Your Average Runner.


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