February 20, 2020

How to think like a person who lost 100 lbs. [VIDEO]

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How to think like a person who lost 100 pounds.

When I lost my weight I had to bitch slap my brain.

It was acting like an ass on a daily basis.

It wanted to eat what it wanted. It whined a lot that I was not good enough.

I lost weight because I decided to be the boss instead of getting bossed by it.

Here’s some of my favorite thoughts I use DAILY…even now.

“I will figure this out.”

“I refuse to worry about losing weight; I’m going to work on it.”

“Don’t fuck up the day when saving it is an option.”

“Don’t eat like an asshole. If you are hungry eat. If you aren’t don’t.”

“You are better than you are giving yourself credit for right now.”

It’s simple.

I came up with a few simple things I wanted to think on a regular basis.

I stopped just waiting for my light bulb to go off. I got up each day and flipped my own damn switch.

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When most people find out that Corinne lost 100lbs, they want to know what she ate or how she exercised. Those details really aren’t that important.

She had lost weight multiple times in her life. The last time she lost weight, she discovered that what she ate wasn’t nearly as important as how she started thinking about herself.

Weightloss does not need to be complicated. If you keep it simple, it’s easy to implement.

Most of Corinne’s clients that successfully lose weight end up believing in themselves. They learn how to get aware of the language they use and think on a daily basis.

For years, Corinne had a negative view of herself and her body. She would tell herself horrible things. She had to become aware of the language that she was using. Corinne’s inner dialog was so bad that she was constantly bringing herself down and then wondered why she couldn’t get her shit together.

If you say horrible things about yourself every time you have an overeat, then you’re going to struggle to make progress.

How you think and what you think are literally the key skills to all of weightloss. If you look back at every diet that you quit, you’ll realize that at some point along the way, you quit believing in yourself and allowed your mind to run wild at what a failure you are, instead of redirecting your mind to what is the next best step.

It’s always going to be about how you’re thinking and about your willingness to look at how you think and be okay with all of it. That’s what Corinne did.

When Corinne was 250lbs, she was at one of her lowest points. She had to figure out what she was going to do. She knew she had to change how she thought about things.

Her #1 most powerful thought was going from I can’t figure this out to I will figure this out. She didn’t need to know exactly what she was going to do, she just needed to know that she was willing to keep going no matter what. She had to redirect her thoughts thousands of times a day.

If you’re sitting there thinking you’re broken, you have to realize that sometimes you’ll have shitty thoughts about yourself and it’s okay, but you’re still going to figure it out. 

Corinne noticed that at times she would worry about if she was making the right decisions during her weightloss process. That worry would make her scared and she would eat if she was scared.

The #2 thought that really helped Corinne was that she refused to worry about losing weight, that she was just going to work on it. Worrying has never solved a problem; it just makes you feel bad. Checkout Corinne’s podcast called “The Worry Bucket” to learn more about how she deals with worry.

The #3 thought that helped Corinne was don’t f*ck up the day, when saving the day is an option. You’re going to make mistakes. Don’t start tearing yourself down and judging yourself when you mess up. Just look at the facts: here’s what happened and how can I solve this for next time. If you go to judgement, you’re going to risk messing the rest of your day up.

So many people overeat, say screw it, and eat horribly the rest of the day because they are so hard on themselves. That’s the problem. You don’t have to quit making mistakes to feel better. You just have to learn how to have your own back when you do make a mistake. True self-accountability is not punitive, it is the willingness to take a look at things so you can get to where you want to go.

The #4 thought is the easiest one of all: quit eating like an asshole. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied. Learn to lose weight the way you’re going to live it the rest of your life. You can learn how to love your relationship with food and trust yourself around food.

The last thought, #5, is that you are better than you are giving yourself credit for right now. Most of our brains are conditioned to tear ourselves down. Corinne often had bad thoughts about herself and wasn’t in a place to believe new things. At 250 pounds, she didn’t go from I’m so overweight to I’m going to lose all my weight and help other women lose theirs. What she could think was that she couldn’t keep thinking how she had been. She told herself that she was better than she was giving herself credit for right now.

Don’t wait for the lightbulbs to go off or until you are feeling amazing and motivated. You’ll lose weight when you give yourself a break. When you find some peace and some relief and a little bit acceptance with yourself. You don’t have to know where you’re going each day, you can be present with where you’re at right now. You don’t have to run from yourself anymore. You can change the experience you have with yourself. Corinne can teach you how!

Corinne answered questions at the end of her Facebook Live. Make sure and check them out!

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