October 9, 2019

How to Stay out of the Halloween Candy

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Facebook took a dump on me this morning. I couldn’t do my Facebook Live because they threw me in a temporary jail. Boo!

But there was no way in hell I was letting you down. I shot a video for you.

Do you ever catch yourself eating shit you didn’t plan?

You are like, “Awe crap. I can’t believe I just did that.”

Today’s video is on how to quit eating shit by accident.

I call it grab-assing.

It’s simple. You make a plan and somehow you have eaten candy on the way to the bathroom at work.

Or, you had a great day on plan, you’re cooking dinner, and next thing you know you’ve eaten leftover macaroni and cheese while doing dishes.

I give you three EASY steps to end this FRUSTRATING habit.

Don’t miss this. It’s short and totally doable.

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FB Live Show Notes

Corinne ended up in Facebook jail again and couldn’t do a Q&A Live, but did a video to post.

How do you quit grab-assing?

There are two types of overeating: Grab-assing which is where you do it in a bit of a fog.  You catch yourself eating a handful of chips that weren’t on plan.  It was unintentional.  Then there is fuck-it eating which is super intentional.  You know you’re doing it and don’t care and say fuck it and do it anyway.

It’s a conscious decision.

Grab-assing isn’t emotional in the moment.  Though afterwards there are often feelings of disappointment.

#1 Know your patterns.

How often are you grab-assing? This is why we track our food.

Most people aren’t using the planner on the days they’re not perfect, just on the days they are perfect.  Which is why they can’t gain authority over grab-assing.

You need to realize that every time you walk by that candy dish at work, you’re grabbing a piece of candy.  Every time I clean up the dishes at night, I grab a bite off the plates.

You need to know how often and when you’re doing it.

You can beat yourself up and think you’re broken or you can decide that you need to know every time you’re doing it and the patterns around it so that you can solve it.

I want to be the person that figures this out, not the person that his from their shit.

#2 Visualization

If you walk by a candy dish and grab a piece of candy, now that you know your pattern, you have to visualize yourself not doing it.  Plus, visualize you possibly grabbing a piece and putting it back down.

The visualization gives your brain some practice catching yourself in the act and figuring out how to fix it.

It doesn’t always mean we won’t have the candy.  It means we may eat a couple of pieces, catch ourselves, and stop at the 3rd piece.

#3 Come up with triggers (brain interrupt)

Carry a rubber band in your hand to play with any time you walk past the candy dish.
Grab-ass plate: when preparing dinner, keep an extra plate on the counter.  Anytime you catch yourself grabbing a bite to eat.  Put an equal portion on the empty plate.  At the end of preparing the meal, look at how much is on the plate that you grab-assed while preparing the meal.
You have to engage your conscious brain more than your unconscious brain.
To gain authority over grab-assing: know you’re doing it, know your patterns, have pattern interrupts, and give yourself the opportunity to decide if you want to keep eating or not.


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