How to set and achieve a weightloss goal

I’m a goal setter and goal DOER.

I think it’s easy to set goals. How often have you thought…

I’m gonna lose 50lbs.

I’m starting my diet this week.

That’s what most of us do. Sometimes we even go to the store, buy some shit, and get up to workout on Monday.

Every failed diet I did started with some wild ass scheme with very little thought and planning for when things didn’t go right.

This is how I want you to set your weightloss goal.

Pick a number and time frame. It can be short and sweet or the big Kahuna that takes a year.

Write your list of why’s-why you want this goal so bad. Have at least 20.

That’s the setting a goal part. Now we are going to make the DOING part happen.

Write out everything it will take to achieve the goal. The list should look overwhelming if you are doing it right.

Think about everything that will get in the way and how you will respond.

Decide to keep going when it’s not fun or when you doubt yourself. I suggest you write this sentence out every single day in a planner.

Then take a look at the list and find the easy things to start with. Plug them into your calendar. The rest, set aside for a week or three until you are consistently doing the things you started with.

Add in new stuff only as you have shown to yourself you are doing what you say you will do.

Most people never make the list of what’s required. Those who do often think “that’s too much” and quit. Some will try to do it all and burn out.

I want you to have your game plan. Then I want you to start with what you can do and allow yourself to keep going when those little things get hard.

Get good at overcoming a few things, prove to yourself you can overcome obstacles, and then add more.

That’s how I have lost 100lbs, built a business, and helped my kid successfully navigate autism. I took enormous projects and took daily action to make it happen. I never expected or tried to do everything. I just knew what had to be done and got good at doing something every day to get me closer to my goals.

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  1. Rebecca on July 20, 2019 at 4:32 PM

    I love this – I have heard you talk about making those small changes. I love that you are going beyond this and talking about whats the goal & why, what are all the steps to get there, what are all the things that are going to try to stop me (and how will i deal with them), and what small changes from that list can i start with now. It’s like buildi g the habit of keeping promises to yourself builds momentum to keep making and keeping more promises to yourself. Its like you are building that willpower or healthy choice muscle.


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