How To Not Gain Weight on Vacation

Just got back from another wonderful trip to Vegas where we had a blast leading up to my birthday week! Yep, I turn 41 years young this Sunday.

Each year I feel like I just get better. This year I have…

– Graduated Yoga Teach Training

– Done my 50th Half Marathon and 7th Tough Mudder with people I love.

– Went to The Life Coach School to learn how to coach women on their thoughts about their body, food, and more.

These are all great achievements and I am proud of myself for committing to self development and learning new ways to help my TRIBE at to become their best.

On this trip we really had a good time. You know, we didn't bring any food with us. Wait…Chris did have four protein bars because I get up about five hours before him every day and not hungry when he rolls up like a college kid.

I've really cycled how we travel. I have blogs where I went totally willing to gain 5-7 lbs because I knew we would play a lot of poker, not workout, and eat like the King and Queen we are. Meaning, we ate in the poker room a lot fish and chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, and ice cream. LOL. I used the #wearenotfoodies the other day and I meant it.

Then in my competition years I brought food. Like almost everything I would eat. It wasn't good or bad but part of it was fear I couldn't go to a restaurant without blowing it and part of it was I just like my own stuff.

Then we have times where we get a small fridge and run to Whole Foods to get good stuff for the room. We do some poker room meals, some carry out from Subway or Cheesecake Factory (Grand Luxe at the Venetian), and random things. This is probably my ideal because we always have “something” to eat.

BUT, my favorite way is what we have done the last few trips. We don't think about food. Like we don't plan crap. We eat when we get hungry and often split things or I just STOP before I'm full. This trip I did eat a couple of “healthy things” when I didn't really want anything but most of the time I had burger and fries or steak and fries.

I've been working on a new way of eating for myself and how we teach our clients. You basically learn to listen to your body. And when you can hear it you can also trust it. I love it! We ate what we wanted, drank what we wanted, and honestly food just lost to the fun we were having.

I remember so many trips planning around the food. Planning the good food and the healthy food. I put more thought into what we ate than the time spent together. I can tell you, both of us the last couple of trips have come home so connected. There haven't been meals I felt “guilty” for eating too much, eating the wrong thing, not eating something fun, you name it. I could come up with a 1000 ways to shame myself no matter what I chose because food was too important.

I just wanted to share because turning 41 I feel like I know me, I live my life, I balance my thoughts, enjoy my life, trust my body to be my friend, and most of all I TALK to myself like someone I admire. This type of thinking is what it will take to make the next 10 years of maintenance a success. You can only live in FEAR so long before they become your reality.

Now, here's some photos because I want to remember this trip. This trip I painted the success in my mind and it came true. That's what it takes to lose weight, keep it off and free yourself of “diet mentality.” I went in knowing I wanted to have fun, connect with Chris, relax, and be free. Well, that happened and I weighed in today right in the happy range!


Always time for snake print and vino!


Feeling pretty boss and athletic.


When you wake up five hours earlier than the King you go workout. And you sweat a lot.



Striking the yoga pose after dancing over 5,000 steps on my Fitbit!

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  1. Autumn on July 15, 2015 at 4:09 PM

    You know, this just made me so stinkin’ happy. When I think back to our Vegas trip last year I hardly thought about food at all because I was having so much fun!! Sure, we ate some junk food and sometimes a salad sounded good so I had that. But it just wasn’t all about the food. Winning!


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