March 5, 2020

How to Make the 24 Hour Food Plan EASY [VIDEO]

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How to make the 24 hour food plan easy.
Let’s talk about a realistic food plan to lose weight. #ilost100lbs

Facebook Live: Realistic Food Plan to Lose Weight


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Corinne encourages all of her members to create a realistic 24 hour plan every single day. You have to have a judgement free zone in your brain about your plan.

Before Corinne lost her weight in 2005, she would try diets that she knew she couldn’t do for the rest of her life. They would be a temporary fix to get her weight off. As soon as she was around tempting foods that weren’t on her “diet” she would break her diet because she didn’t have the skill set to know how to deal with the urges.

When she finally lost weight, she knew she was going to do it in a way that she could live the rest of her life. That’s when the realistic plan was born.

Get out a piece of paper (members put it in your planner) and write down what you  want to eat today. The plan needs to be realistic. If you know that you have sports with the kids every Wednesday and you typically eat fast food, then you need to have fast food on your plan for Wednesday evening.

If you want to lose weight, you have to learn how to get fast food and order something in a way that’s better than what you normally order. Maybe get a medium fry or small fry instead of a large fry.

Once you’ve written down everything that you’re going to have for the day, decide to put the serving sizes down as well.

The purpose of the realistic plan is for you to get intentional with what you eat. When you get really intentional about what you eat, judgement is likely to pop up. Don’t stop planning because you’re judging. You keep planning until you talk to yourself in a better way about it. That will get you closer to weightloss.

Make a plan and make sure what is on there is how you’ll eat today. Then listen to the crap you tell yourself about it. Stop and tell yourself that you’re trying something new today.

You need to look at your plans the next day and see if you were an 8 or better (on a scale of 1-10) at following the previous day’s plan. If you’re less than an 8, then you’re still not creating a realistic plan. You have to plan from a place of “I’m changing my life.”

The first step is to make sure you’re really honest about what you’re eating. If you’re not ready to level up your food choices from a double burger to a salad, then go double burger to single burger to chicken sandwich to salad. You have to quit thinking that you have to do it all overnight.

The majority of people are creating pipe dream plans that they don’t follow, then beat themselves up and don’t give themselves a chance to commit.

As you eat what’s on your plan, you start to learn to follow through on things even when you don’t want to. You start learning the real skills of weightloss. Don’t beat yourself up and quit when you overeat a bit or go off plan. You have to learn to quit quitting on yourself.

The reason you plan for a day’s worth of food ahead of time is so that when you’ve had a long day and traffic sucks, you’re already prepared. It is difficult to make the best choices for yourself if you’re exhausted. When you plan realistically ahead of time, then in those tough moments, you don’t have to make a choice about food because it’s already been made for you.

Corinne answered questions at the end of her Facebook Live. Make sure and check them out!

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