Live with Corinne: How to End Diet Self-Sabotage

Have you ever lost weight and just as things are clicking you start OVEREATING again? 

Maybe you’ve lost 50lbs, finally got to 175lbs., and suddenly you are eating off plan just enough to keep you STUCK.

Or, you might really want to lose weight. You got a big special occasion coming and yet when the weekend comes, the friends want to go out, you are eating instead of staying focused. You think, “I’ll start on Monday.”

Self-sabotage happens in weightloss. Y’all it’s supposed to happen so don’t freak out.

Why? Because when you are sabotaging yourself, you have found something that deep inside yourself is in CONFLICT with your goal.

I want you to think about this.

What do you honestly believe it will take and be like for you to lose your weight?

Write it out and be really honest.

Then, ask yourself, “Is that a life I really want?”

If the answer is no then you know why you aren’t compelled to stick to your plans when life gets hard. Hell, if life is hard why are you going to sign up for more, right?

You might want to lose weight but you are in conflict with the life you want and the price you “think” you have to pay to get there. If you’ve ever thought, ‘Why do I self-sabotage myself?” then WATCH this training video.

I’ll give you the two things you must do so you can see a way out of this self-defeating behavior.



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