How To Deal with Worrying [Monday Motivation]

Worry is pointless. Think about it. When you worry you aren't doing anything about your problem.

You feel like you are doing something. Worry feels like it is needed or that somehow you will ward off bad things from happening by doing it. That crap isn't true.

I teach a technique called the “worry bucket.”

Essentially you decide upon a time each day you are allowed to LET THE WORRY RIP!

Advice: pick times where you are NOT going to be around food. Just saying! LOL.

For some reason worry and a bag of chips seem to go hand in hand.

Each day when you want to worry or hear your brain going to doom and gloom just stop.  Remind yourself you are allowed to worry at 2:45pm for example. You set a time limit and at 2:45pm you can feast on your worry. Once the time is up you are back to regular life and getting REAL things done.

What's awesome is most people when they deny themselves time to worry they open the door to solving what is wrong. Or, they find worry time sucks so bad they don't want to do it.

Either way, the worry bucket lets you put your troubles into focus. Rather than letting your mind go wild all day you practice self-directed thinking.

It's quite powerful. Try it. My clients who use it usually see a decrease in overeating, too. Why? Most of the time when they worry they feel like such shit they decide to eat instead of solve the problem. When you worry less you've lessened food triggers.



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