July 1, 2019

How I Keep Off 100lbs (Morning Routine)

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One of the most asked questions I get is this…

“How do you keep off 100lbs.?”

It’s simple.

I have a NON-NEGOTIABLE morning routine.

Most days I am up at 5am and often earlier.

Getting up early helped me lose weight because Logan was not a good sleeper. Getting him to bed was hard and he woke up at 6am. The only consistent time for me was 4:30am back in the day, so I chose me over late night shows and dicking around in the kitchen, inviting an overeat.

These days, I’m up by 5am daily. I don’t have to get up this early. I work for myself but that time in the morning is when I find I always have clear vision and ideas of who I want to be.

The world hasn’t brought me problems yet. There’s no agenda but the one I set.

I always start with a big cup of coffee.

Here’s the recipe I am loving right now.

8-12 ounces of coffee

1 tbsp of MCT oil

1 tbsp of Cocoa Butter

1 tbsp of Heavy Whipping Cream



I’ve drank variations of this for the past few years. You cannot “go wrong,” so just mix some shit up how you like it. Trust me. Y’all will want to know…can you do this? What about this?

Here’s how I’ve kept off 100lbs. I quit wanting somebody else to tell me what to do and I just got busy trying things to see what worked for me.

You can see what I put in my coffee by visiting this link.

Next, I take my big ass cup of coffee to the couch where I start journaling and planning my day. I use this planner for business and getting my mind SET for success, inspiration, and nurturing important relationships.

Then, I make my 24 Hour Plan after I assess my food from the day before. I do just like I teach you in the podcast. If I need to do any other thinking, goal setting, brainstorming, or just writing about anything negative I’m thinking, I do that, too.

Typically I set aside a good 30 minutes to plan and write every morning.

Once that’s done, the coffee has kicked in, the daily constitutional happens and I’m ready to workout.

You can catch me on my Peloton, walking for an hour or so, or lifting weights. I move daily. When I walk I use it as time to listen to podcasts or books. That’s where the bulk of my learning comes from that I pass on to you.

I’m telling you, giving myself the gift of a reliable routine each day is everything.

It helps me feel in control of my day. It puts my brain to work on what’s most important to me.

There are days I don’t want to do it, but I use those days as practice to do things I don’t want to do.

Just like when I don’t want to skip wine after a long day, I have built the skill of overriding my lazy ass brain.

My advice? Get up. Get up and do it for yourself. Never think you “have to” or that “it’s hard.”

Get up because you deserve it.


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