December 17, 2018

My Favorite Tips for Weightloss

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You want great tips for weightloss? Get your ass up in the morning and get INTENTIONAL.

One of the best things I did for myself while losing 100lbs is getting my butt up early to start the day.

Focusing FIRST thing in the morning sets the right, healthy tone for my day.

I have big dreams. I’m writing a book, building my own business to help other women lose 100lbs, and doing ALL of this while maintaining my 100lbs. weightloss.

There’s no way in hell I want to be a sad statistic of people who lose weight, decide to do big things, and eat their way to another success. That just doesn’t make sense to me.


Losing Weight is Deliberate


Keeping my weight off isn’t easy while I create an amazing life. It’s a DELIBERATE process of prioritizing and scheduling what’s important to my goals. This is why I teach you to lose it like you will LIVE it. You need to be able to pursue your dreams and keep your weight off.

Trust me. When you lose weight you will want to do more EPIC things. Losing weight will be one of the hardest things you do. And it will teach you that you can do hard things.

Learn now how to keep your weight off while you keep on chasing dreams.

When I was losing weight I was deliberately making better choices each day that supported the body and mindset I wanted. I had to be aware of what worked and what didn’t for my weightloss, change things up as the scale showed signs of stalling, be purposeful about what I ate, when I exercised, and how I was thinking.

Notice I never said I was perfect. I was AWARE and REFINING as I went. Those are valuable skills that I learned by establishing solid routines of reflecting and assessing. And I do this every morning as part of my routine.

I make maintenance a priority in my life just like I made weightloss a priority while losing. There are lots of tips to weightloss, but I want to give you my FAVORITE. That is to start your day with INTENTION. What are you going to create each day?

Tips for Weightloss: Get Your Ass Up and Get Intentional


I set an alarm and I get up. I don’t snooze. Most of the time I even sleep in my workout clothes to lessen the chance of being lazy.

This took practice. I started with setting my alarm a little earlier each day and having nothing but coffee time waiting on me.

Eventually, I got used to getting up and functioning like a human being.

After I got used to getting up, I decided what my ideal morning would be.

I thought about what would help me plan and execute a HEALTHY day. For me, healthy isn’t limited to food and exercise. I need my mental health included.


My Morning Goes Like This


Wake up.

Brush teeth and put on my workout clothes if I didn’t sleep in them.

Make a cup of butter coffee (Chris sets the coffee to brew at 4:45am).

Journal and write my 24 Hour Food Plan. I often journal about this…”Today I want to feel _______ when I go to bed. I will accomplish this by doing ___________ (make a list). I will need to watch out for these things…”

You can write about anything you want but that’s an easy three questions to get you thinking in the right direction. (PNPTribe just use our private member 60 day journal. It’s got you covered.)

Workout (These are planned on Sunday just like I teach you in my free course – I’m not standing around wasting time deciding what to do).

Start the day.

When I do this I have made sure to dedicate time to the most important goal I have: ME.

If I don’t make time for me the world sure as hell won’t. Time for me is MY DAMN JOB. It’s not my husband’s job to do shit around the house. It’s not my son’s job to get out of my way so I have time. It’s my job to get it done.

And I will tell you, there are times I don’t get two hours. If I have 15 minutes…I use it. When I travel or host my own events you often see me up at 4am to ensure I can journal and exercise.

The bottom line is this: I take responsibility for me and my goals. I plan for them. I put them on my calendar. I’ve learned to make them non-negotiable.

I’d rather CREATE the life I want. No one is going to give me my dream life.



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