Faith In the Process

Losing weight requires having faith in the process. You will want to believe so many things that just aren't true.

The small changes each day will feel too small.

You will think a little bite or two won’t hurt.

You will be wrong.

Each time you decide to do the small things you choose to have faith in doing things with no immediate payoff.

For now have faith in the little things.

Those few bites add up. A few bites resisted equals one whole meal you didn't choose by the end of the week. Crazy as it sounds, after a month it's like you didn't eat for a whole day.

We get so caught up in immediate payoff that we forget that losing weight is just a series of tiny decisions strung together.

Tiny decisions like…

Drinking water when you don't like it.

Going to bed when you want to catch up on Facebook.

Writing down your food when you think why bother after a sloppy eating day.

Leaving a few bites of food behind when you think “this is wasteful.”

The process I teach isn't sexy.

It's not flashy and it sure doesn't make you change everything on a dime.

That's why it's such a hard sell.

It requires you to just show up in a little ways all day.

Are you committed to your weightloss even if you can't see the results today?

That's what is hard. Sticking to the process because you choose faith it will work.



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