Facebook Live: How to Stick to Your Food Plan

Do you find yourself good at making plans but unable to stick to it?

In this podcast I teach you the keys to executing your food plans.

  1. You must evaluate your plans to make sure they are realistic and doable.
  2. Make sure you have your plan where you can see and review it. It's not enough to make one. You must actually see it and follow it.
  3. Don't wait to feel like doing it. Make an agreement with yourself that you planned with confidence you would follow the plan. Count on wanting to break the plan because that's just a habit. Follow it anyway.

I also talk about when I was losing 100lbs the things I would tell myself to keep me going even when I didn't want to. My journey was LOADED with mistakes and more. But I didn't quit.

This episode is loaded with great nuggets. Don't miss it.

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