September 14, 2019

Facebook Live Episode: How to get your ass focused on weight loss instead of what will go wrong

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When I was in eighth grade I weighed 210lbs. I was always picked last in PE and hated going to dances.

Why? Because no one wanted to go with me and I didn’t want to stay home just to face the music Monday where people would ask, “Why didn’t you come?”

Given my weight issues, I should have never…

Lost 100lbs.

Started a business about losing 100lbs.

Become one of the top Health experts in all of iTunes.

Why do I tell you this?

Because it’s so easy to sit around and obsess about why you can’t lose weight. I did it for YEARS.

What we don’t do enough of is obsess about what we are doing each day to BETTER our lives.

If someone asks us about our flaws most of us can rattle off that shit easily.

The minute you are asked to talk about what’s RIGHT about you we go to the pooper and struggle to make a list of five. Let alone TELL it out loud to someone.

In today’s podcast, I get VERY animated about how we have to stop using our past against us to deny our future.

If you want to lose weight it’s simple.

What are you going to eat next meal? Done.

What you ate last weekend or how many diets you’ve broken are irrelevant until you decide to make them the linchpin to your success.

We have to quit beating ourselves up and start building our future. That starts today with this podcast.

Show Notes:

Major things that Corinne has done:

1. Lose 100 pounds

2. Build a business teaching women to lose weight

3. Become a runner

She did these things with zero evidence that she could do it

When I think about losing weight, here are the top three things that come to mind? Answer with your first thoughts, not how you think Corinne would want you to respond. If your focus is on your past failures, you cannot create weightloss for yourself because all you’re thinking about is what doesn’t’ work and that feels like shit.

What is something you’ve done in your life that you’d never done before, but were able to accomplish?

For Corinne’s first 5k she found a plan, followed it, and asked questions. She didn’t focus on how difficult running was for her in P.E. as a kid (aka her past). She thought about what it would take to run the race, not on any past failures.

If you’ve been obsessing about your weight loss and allowing yourself to be afraid and build up evidence that you can’t do it before you’ve even started, it’s not going to come naturally.

If you’re afraid to start because you might fail…the worst thing that might happen is that you beat yourself up. You’re already doing that right now, so what’s to be afraid of.

How can I make it easier to not fear failing? If I would just quit thinking all this bullshit on repeat and allowing it [negative thoughts] to run around, I’d probably come up with some new ideas and be able to shit me some new results over here.

Think more about what you’re willing to do. Think more about what you’ll do today. Think better about yourself on purpose.

You’ll never get started on the process and it won’t last long enough until you decide you’re worth it right now.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is a good way to start talking to my kids about the hunger scale?

A: When you’re eating and you leave some food behind, say outloud “I can tell my body’s satisfied, I’ll stop there.” You can ask them “can you tell in your stomach you’re hungry?” Demonstrate what you’re doing and with a smile on your face.

Q: Did you stick with your plan completely in the beginning?

A: Hell no! She doesn’t always stick to her plan now. If you think you have to be perfect to lose weight, you’re hosed. Create a plan that’s easy to implement and it’s easier to stick with.

Q: Value and worth are elusive, how do I get there?

A: First of all, you have to stop thinking they’re elusive. Change your thought to “value and worthy are right in front of my face.” If you want to like yourself you have to start saying nice things to yourself (before you believe them) until you say it enough that you find more nice things to say and eventually you’ll begin to believe it. You may have to do this till the day you die whether you believe it or not. It’s not a 2-day process. You’re either going to argue for your misery or for your happiness, make a decision and decide today “I’m all in” It’s your job to build yourself up, not someone else’s. You have to do your own work.

Q: I’m going from walking 1 hour daily to signing up for a 5k that is in 4 months. Is that too fast?

A: Nope, you’re doing great.

Q: Can you join the tribe strictly for mental support for depression and anxiety?

A: We talk about feelings and emotions like it’s our job, but most things are centered around weight loss. There’s not a depression course, but Corinne does teach about thoughts and feelings. Her job is to take someone who is not currently believing in themselves and give them the path to do so.

Q: Can you explain what you do in the group to help people with overeats? I overeat a lot at restaurants.

A: Realize that the restaurant is not the problem. Your motivation would be different if you were at a restaurant with Corinne. Your thought would be different. We have multiple courses on overeating and urges. If you’re eating from negative emotion, it’s usually to escape your day. If you’re eating to connect with other people, you have to realize it’s not the food that makes the connection

Q: When you’re in the tribe, can you look at other people’s plans?

A: We have a week called realistic planning where people share their plans. On Sundays, people share their food prep and plans for the week. If you join in September, the whole tribe is doing the No B.S. program together, which is 8 weeks. The Queen and coaches are doing it as well and sharing.

Q: What tips can you give for nighttime eating? I work in the evenings and end up eating.

A: If you’re going to eat, tell yourself you have to stop working in order to eat. You need to visualize yourself and tell yourself that it’s something you don’t have to do. If you’re going to eat, it has to be before you start working and at the table with a piece of paper and you have to write about the consequences.

Q: What do you suggest when I make a plan, follow the plan, but I’m extra hungry that day? I do well during the day and bomb in the evenings.

A: If you’re extra hungry add a little extra of the planned food. Don’t just eat whatever sounds good.

Q: Had an off-plan overeat and from the recovery sheet I realized it was from uncomfortable thoughts over finances. What are next steps after the ah-ha moment?

A: Start working on the finances. Start doing journaling and models over the finances. Here’s what I’m currently thinking about my finances, but here’s how I want to think about them. Find a more powerful thought.

Q: What are some of the tools you can combat emotional and stress eating?

A: Listen to the podcast. Decide ahead of time that you’re not a stress eater.

Q: What is your take on when you feel good daily, but then you take a picture and it’s not what you feel about yourself.

A: You get to pick what you want to think about the picture.

Q: Do you believe that certain foods can trigger an overeat?

A: Sure, you have to decide if you’re going to keep them in or not.

Q: Do you ever use a fast to break through a plateau?

A: Some people do, but most of Corinne’s people are never on a plateau. Make sure the four basics are dialed in.

Q: I’m listening to No B.S. and I’m trying to figure out why I stay up after my family goes to bed. I like to say it’s “my time.”

A: Your entire day should feel like it’s your time. When you take “my time” from resentment, that’s the worst way to take it. You need to think about how you show up every day. Every moment of every day is your time. You owe it to yourself to change your perspective on life. Write out/describe your daily life then look at what you wrote. Ask yourself if you’d be proud to show someone what you wrote. If not, you have work to do. Don’t describe life as a shit show that you have to struggle through each day.

Q: Can I follow Weight Watchers and be in the tribe?

A: If you want to. We have members that started with Weight Watchers. Some people enjoy the meetings.

Q: Does the tribe get hand-outs, books, or other printed materials?

A: Yes. The No B.S. course has a workbook. There are workbooks for each of the courses and supplemental worksheets.

Q: For the moment I’m a groupie, I will join in 2020. Should I add breakfast to my plan if I don’t usually eat breakfast?

A: Don’t put it down if you don’t eat it. Make a 24 hour plan that you will follow and actually do.

Q: I’m going to join and want to eat my face off before I do.

A: You don’t need a last supper. Nothing is being taken away from you. You’re not starting a diet. If you’re not having anything taken away from you then you don’t need a last hoorah.

Q: What are your thoughts for planning self-rewards for weight loss like a cruise?

A: It’s great. It gives you something to look forward to.

Q: I don’t tend to overeat, but I have an adult beverage to relax each night.

A: If you’re still losing weight it’s fine, but you need to learn how to relax without alcohol.

Q: Do you work off of Brooke’s model?

A: Yes. The first night of PNP Camp this fall will be about the model.

Q: Is the tribe payment a lump sum payment or a monthly payment?

A: It’s $59 a month to join. This is the last opening of 2019.

Q: Can your program help me lose weight regained after a gastric bypass?

A: Yes, there’s a group specifically for members who had weight loss surgery.

Q: Is there a max number of new members for the September opening?

A: As long as you join during the opening, you’re in.

Q: Is there a Facebook page for groupies?

A: Yes. After you go through the free course, you are invited to the Facebook page.

Q: I’ve lost 45 pounds since listening to you in January. When I join next week will I be a member of Queen’s Club?

A: Yes! Queen’s Club is for anyone that has lost 25 pounds. You get a special Facebook group and monthly call.


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