Facebook Live: I don’t want to exercise! What to do about it.

Most of us would love to be exercisers. BUT, most of us with 100lbs to lose don't love it.

Today I go over what you need to know about exercising. Do you really need it? What do you do if you don't feel like it?

After years of weighing 250lbs I know exactly what it's like to just hate going to the gym. Even now I have days I don't want to do it. But, I also love being thin so I go. This video I tell you what I think each day to keep me going.

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  1. Dianna Y Hinshaw on December 7, 2019 at 11:15 AM

    I hate exercise! I failed gym every year I was in school. I’ve got chronic pain issues in my joints, and I know losing 100 lbs will help beyond belief. I know ALL of the benefts….but I still do not want to do it.


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