April 5, 2020

Equal Airtime Equals Weightloss [VIDEO]

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Equal airtime equals weightloss video.

I’m ALL IN right now on changing my mindset first thing each morning.

I noticed myself and my clients feeling out of control, disconnected, and like SLUGS being cooped up at home.

And, when we feel like a lonely, out of control slug we EAT like it!

In this video, I teach you an easy four-point daily check-in. It’s simple and gets you out of the fridge and back into reality.

Trust me.

Nobody needs to GAIN the COVID-19 (lbs).

The four-point check-in:

1. What’s in my control today?
2. Who am I reaching out to today?
3. How will I move my body a minimum of 5 min. today?
4. Clean mind, clean body…get it done.



Facebook Live: Equal Airtime Equals Weightloss

With everything going on in the world right now, it is easy to get caught up in the thought that things will be better later. That later is better than now. That now is a mess, but later things will be better. When you start identifying later as better, you are dismissing what could be right now. “Better than now” puts you in a victim mentality.

Right now we are all going through some stuff. Some stuff we want to legit feel bad about. Some stuff we need to quit piling bullshit on top of it.

Recently, Corinne was coaching a client who said that right now all of her routines are broken and that its mayhem in her house. She’s working from home and home schooling two kids. Corinne asked her if it was really mayhem. The house wasn’t on fire. Everything was pretty orderly. She asked her client what routines she still has. The client started listing a couple, then listed a couple more, then realized that not all of her routines are broken. She said that things weren’t running as smoothly as they could be, but they were figuring everything out. So, it wasn’t mayhem, it was more like they are adjusting to new routines and that they’re getting through it. That was a much better thought than “all my routines are broken and it’s mayhem.”

On a recent podcast, Trent Sheldon was talking about a meme going around about how the Coronavirus would destroy us more mentally than physically. It made Corinne think about all the things she been seeing people posting. So many people will not get the Coronavirus but will gain 20 pounds by the time it’s over. They will have to spend the rest of this year working through guilt, shame, regret, starting a new diet, and buying new clothes. You cannot let this break you down emotionally too.

You guard your emotions. No one else can guard them for you. You are the gatekeeper for what you decide to think.

If you have kids at home now, they are watching how you are handling this. What do you want your kids to learn from you about how to handle a crisis? Are you emotionally eating? Are you numbing your feelings out? That will do more lasting damage.

Corinne has another member who was upset about her daughter’s graduation being canceled. She said that this feels too big. She said that if it was just her hurting, she could handle it, but her daughter was hurting and the client was turning to food for relief. Corinne told her that it only feels too big because she’s telling herself that it feels worse because it’s her daughter. Instead, she needs to remind herself that she’s the kind of mother who hurts when her daughter hurts and that’s normal. Those are normal emotions for that situation. Don’t be the mom that eats when your children are in pain. That does not teach them emotional management. It’s better to cry it out with them and talk about how you’re going to figure it out together. That’s so much better than being non-emotional because you’ve eaten your feelings away with a bag of chips.

When you have kids, you are not going to feel good the whole time. You don’t need junk food to get through it. You feel the emotions with them. You feel compassion for them. Do not resist feeling emotions. There is not a feeling that you can’t handle. You can handle it without food. Eating through it is a version of handling it. Don’t choose that way.


Corinne is doing a 30-day challenge with her members in April called All In April #AllInApril. They are answering four things each day:

1. What can I control today? Corinne is spending the entire month coaching members and helping them to work through their relationships with themselves and those around them. She’s helping them to learn how to control their minds. In the midst of chaos, there are still things that are in your control. What goes in your mouth is in your control. You can control how long you’re watching the news. Water is in your control. Your thoughts are in your control.

2. How will I move my body today? You don’t have to do a boot camp workout, but getting up and moving throughout the day will help with your emotions and your health.

3. Who will I connect with today? Who is one person that you can check-in with today? Just because we are physically distancing from others right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t socially connect with loved ones via text or Marco Polo or Zoom. There are still good things happening in the world.

4. Clean Body/Clean Mind: Corinne has suffered from depression her whole life and she has discovered that showering has been essential for her emotions. The process of washing away the yuck every day really helps the mind. The water will help you to relax and help your brain to calm down. Corinne listens to a podcast while she takes a shower. She listens to Trent Sheldon, Brooke Castillo, Rachel Hart, Unf*ck Your Brain podcast, Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield, and others that are uplifting.

Don’t say that you don’t have time to lose weight right now. Losing weight doesn’t take a ton of time. It takes decisions about whether you’re hungry or not. It takes you to decide that you want to take care of yourself.

When Corinne lost weight, she didn’t lose all of her weight and then get happy with herself. She figured out how to talk better to herself and she worked on her relationship with herself while she was losing weight. The more she worked on that relationship, the happier she got and the easier it was to not turn to food for comfort. She would ask herself “what can I do to feel better today that doesn’t have to do with food?”

Corinne did not always think positive and have high regard for herself. She changed the story she told herself. She changed the way she lived her life. You can too!

Corinne answered a ton of listeners’ questions at the end of Facebook Live. Please check it out and listen to her amazing answers!




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