Episode 99: Acting As If You’ll Lose Weight

Did you play dress up as a kid?

It was fun, right? You pretended to be someone else. You imagined what they acted like which meant you thought like them. It just felt good to step into someone else identity and be someone you admired.

You were “acting as if” and that's a huge, but rarely used, hack to losing weight.

You can act as if you’ve lost 20lbs., you are at goal weight, or that you are an athlete.

When I was losing 100lbs., I often thought about how an athlete would think about food. Would they skip workouts or skip their BS excuses? 

I had never played a sport a day in my life. But for some reason, I had this idea that I wanted to learn how to run and do races. The only way I was going to do this was to imagine what athletes do.

I picked a friend who ran without fail three times a week. She did local races and loved just being around people who were motivated by fitness. 

When I decided I was going to be a run/walker I thought so many times, “What would Laurie do?” 

Assuming the mindset of someone already doing what I dreamed of helped me get out of my self-doubt. It bypassed my fears and confusion and went straight to answers to my questions.

In today’s podcast, I talk to you about all the ways you can act as if.

Unfortunately, most of us get caught up in acting as if we’re hopeless or never going to be able to lose weight. 

If that’s you, then this podcast will give you a whole new way to look at showing up for yourself

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